Is hospitality management a good job?

It actually depends on your definition of ‘good’, your personality & preferences. It is one of those industries where you have to either learn to love it or be genuinely passionate about it. Other wise you will end up being very frustrated. Like i have always said, hospitality is a very broad industry with so many sub-sets/departments. No one becomes a hotel/hospitality manager right from school unless he/she is the owner of the hotel. You have to start from the bottom-up. And you need patience, a lot of it. Look at it this way, if you want a job in the management levels, you have to learn the ins and outs of most, if not all departments.

You have to know how to deal with stubborn guests, how to make beds professionally, meal presentations, how to clean, how to do service recovery, cost control, marketing basics, upcoming trends, …. etc, so that when you become a manager, you will always have a way out of tricky situations either business related or customer related. Its an experience based career.

And then you get to;

Interact with a lot of people from very different backgrounds & probably learn a thing or two from them.
To put smiles on a lot of people, if you love your job.
To spend most of your time at the hotel. Not so good if you are a family person
To eat a lot of good food
Earn some good money especially if you are in developed countries
Enjoy a relaxing work environment and work with equally awesome people.

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